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The Social Development Commission (SDC) has committed to support the Ministry of Health and Wellness and the Ministry of Local Government and Community Development in the national effort to stem the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) virus.

“From a communication standpoint, the SDC, in support of municipal corporations nationally, is ensuring that a standard message reaches every nook and cranny of Jamaica, via town criers as well as through distribution of pamphlets and flyers produced by the Government of Jamaica,” Executive Director, SDC, Dr. Dwayne Vernon, told JIS News.

The SDC forms part of a coordinated response led by the Local Government Ministry, which includes the community-based dissemination of COVID-19 information.

The Commission, which works with more than 700 communities islandwide, has also offered to provide demographic information on critical communities to help stem the transmission of the virus.

“The SDC is providing community-level data specific to critical spaces and any other locale that the Government has identified. For example, we have provided Community Profiles and data for Bull Bay and the surrounding areas, with a demographic breakdown,” Dr. Vernon said.

He said the Commission will continue to provide support as “Jamaica works to combat this pandemic,” through current measures and others that may be implemented.

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