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The Social Development Commission (SDC), in collaboration with the Duhaney Park Primary School in Kingston, hosted the 3rd Annual Child/Parent Symposium 2010, where critical issues on the protection of children and proper parenting skills were discussed, Wednesday November 24.
The one-day workshop, which was open to parents, teachers, students and residents from four main communities, was held under the theme – ‘Protecting Our Children, Our Responsibility’ – in observation of Parenting Month and Community Month, commemorated November, each year.
Representative of the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, Tara Sue Morgan, reminded the students of their rights and responsibilities as children.

Students of the Resurrection Basic School perform a poem entitled ‘I Have a Right’, during the Child/Parent Symposium 2010 at the Duhaney Park Primary school, Kingston on Wednesday November 24.

Boys and girls were equal and had the same rights, Miss Morgan said, as she advised the children, who were mainly from basic schools in the area, on the appropriate ways in which adults, and even their own parents, should touch them the difference between “good touch and bad touch”.
“Do you know that not even mommy or daddy is supposed to touch you, and make you feel uncomfortable?” she pointed out. She advised the students to “always tell” and to “speak up” whenever they are touched inappropriately by an adult.
“Tell an adult, tell mommy, daddy, your teacher or even the police, if someone hurts you and makes you feel uncomfortable,” she said.
Miss Morgan also told the parents that it was their responsibility, as adults, to protect their children. She reminded parents and teachers of the days when it was the entire community that had the responsibility of child rearing.

Parish Manager of the Social Development Commission (SDC), Sandra Goulbourne (right) presents representative of the Bureau of Women’s Affairs, Tara Sue Morgan, with a certificate of appreciation, following the Child/Parent symposium 2010 at the Duhaney Park Primary School, Kingston, on Wednesday November 24.

“We need to go back to those days, because we all have a responsibility, we all have a part to play. Our children are being violated in many ways,” she cautioned.
Research Officer at the Office of the Children’s Advocate, Dwayne Cargill, said that children are to be protected from all types of violence, neglect, exploitation and abuse including physical, emotional and sexual abuse.
He also advised the children on how to protect themselves at home, at play and at school.
The afternoon session of the symposium also heard presentations from the Victim Support Unit, Fire Prevention Unit, Parenting Partners Caribbean and the Children’s Registry.
For November, the SDC is spearheading five community projects islandwide in collaboration with stakeholders and communities, November 1 to 30, under the theme: ‘Build your Community, Mek it Safe’.

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