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Donations of school supplies were distributed to basic schools in St. Catherine, by the Social Development Commission (SDC), today (August 20), at the Parish Office in Spanish Town.
Representatives from various basic schools throughout the parish converged at the office to collect their supplies, after being verified by the SDC Parish Manager, Edith L. Morrison.
Between today and tomorrow (August 21), the 185 basic schools deemed to be most in need will benefit from donations of toilet paper, colouring books, reading and writing material, furniture, basic first aid supplies and cleaning agents to help them prepare for the 2009/10 school year.
When the SDC partnered with the Early Childhood Commission (ECC) for last year’s registration, the Commission saw where there was a need in the basic schools for such items and consequently enlisted the help of local and overseas sponsors to provide the donations, said Ms. Morrison.

Hartlands Basic School representative from St. Catherine, Glendon Simpson (left), receiving donated books from Community Development Officer of the Social Development Commission (SDC), Joel Simpson (right), at a handing over ceremony, today (August 20), in Spanish Town, St. Catherine.

She pointed out that of the schools that were selected, many of them were not registered with the ECC, because they lacked certain basic necessities, such as fire extinguishers and adequate furniture.
Representative from Hartlands Basic School, Glendon Simpson, said he was grateful for the donation, on behalf of the students. The school has many needs, he said, including a canteen and its own bathroom facilities. At present, the school shares a bathroom with the church, on which property the school is located.
The school had 20 students on roll last year, received pens, books, toilet paper, lotion, chairs and a football.
Gordon Pen Basic School’s representative, Catherine Thorpe, said she was very happy for the items, which included books, pens, toilet paper and cleaning agents. There are 30 students on roll at the school.
The Parish Manager told JIS News that overall, the distribution has been going “very well.”

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