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Director of the Health Promotion and Protection Division in the Ministry of Health, Dr. Eva Lewis Fuller, suggested that schools should make it mandatory for students to engage in regular physical activity.
“The recommendation really is to have the full impact of at least half an hour of physical activity three times a week at least, to have an impact in making you healthier and to increase your feeling of well being,” she told JIS News.
According to Dr. Lewis Fuller, physical education is very important and should be included in the curriculum as an essential and mandatory subject.
“They (students) do not necessarily have to be examined on it but they should engage in exercise. It should be made fun as well so that the children will want to do it and find it enjoyable. I am sure everyone has some kind of activity that they enjoy doing and can do three times a week at least for a half an hour each time,” she recommended.
In addition to promoting healthy lifestyle, Dr. Kirk Thame, Pediatrician and Pediatric Gastroenterologist, has endorsed physical education in schools, to encourage team effort and cooperation among children.
“They learn about winning and losing and fair play as well. Many of our major sports stars have gone through schools that identified their skills, and that helped them not just in sports for the country but also in their individual lives and in the lives of their families,” said Dr. Thame.
He acknowledged that some children may have health conditions that prevent them from participating in certain physical activities, but parents should seek the advice of a doctor on the matter.
“There are actually some diseases if you have them you should really avoid active sports or certain types of sporting activities, and your doctor should guide you with that. Parents tend to be concerned with asthmatics, we do know that for some asthmatics, exercise can trigger their asthma, however we have never actually suggested that they stop taking their physical activity but rather take their inhalers prior to exercising to prevent the attack, but you still get the benefit of exercise,” said Dr. Fuller. He noted that a good physical education programme should be inclusive and expose children to a variety of sporting activities.

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