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Chief Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Grace McLean is reminding all schools to remain closed until further notice, in light of the heavy rains pelting the island, as a result of Tropical Storm Nicole.
“We have been in touch with the Regional Offices and the situation remains the same as it relates to the weather and nothing has changed as it relates to what the Meteorological Office and the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) are saying, so at this point we can’t say if schools are going to be opened tomorrow,” Mrs. McLean told JIS News, on (September 29).
The Chief Education Officer further noted that a decision on the resumption of schools will be made later this afternoon, following a release from the MET Office.
“Parents are being advised that they should, firstly, guarantee the safety of the children, and they should also stay tuned to the media and as soon as we have an advisory, we will ensure that it is passed on for them to hear,” Mrs. McLean informed.
A Flash Flood Warning remains in effect for Jamaica, which means that flooding has occurred or will take place very soon.

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