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Minister of Education, Youth and Culture, Maxine Henry Wilson, has announced the implementation of a rehabilitation project for schools that suffered damage during the recent hurricane.
The restoration project is to begin as early as this week in some institutions, she said.
Mrs. Henry Wilson, who made the announcement at a retreat for principals and vice principals held at the Grand Lido Braco Hotel in Trelawny on Sunday, October 17, informed that technical persons from the Ministry and the Urban Development Corporation (UDC) have already gone into the affected schools to conduct assessments to determine the extent of the damage and the cost of restoration.
She noted that focus would be placed on the worst affected schools, including those that have had to close their doors. “If you don’t see your school being repaired this week, it is because you may not be included among those classified as the worst affected. The others of course, over a period of time, we hope to restore them to some level of functional normality”, she stated.
Meanwhile, the Education Minister said that an inventory was being done to determine the total number of books, computers and other equipment that were lost during the hurricane.
She called on the principals to work to restore performance targets.
“We need the assistance of the teaching staff, bearing in mind that the task is going to be challenging because of the set back in the curriculum,” she appealed.
Minister Henry-Wilson thanked and congratulated all the principals and vice principals for the “untiring work they have been doing in order to restore the education system to as close to normality at this point in time.”

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