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The Parenting Group at the Hammersmith Preparatory School, in Trelawny, has pledged to work with the institution, to ensure desired educational outcomes for their children.

Speaking at the official opening of the school on April 26, President of the Parenting Group, Sharon Stewart, said they want growth for their children, and will be assisting the school to achieve that goal.

“We anticipate growth, and as the physical expansion ensues, we will continue to work closely with the staff to ensure that we deliver the same quality results on a larger scale. We are confident that with a partnership concept, and the inspiration and involvement of this dynamic group of parents and others who will come on board, we can achieve together,” the President said.

The school opened its doors over seven months ago and has some 70 students, with the Parenting Group having a membership of 150.

Miss Stewart told the ceremony that from inception, the parents put forward their ideas on ways to create a culture where learning would be different and effective.

“We were sold a vision…Parents are required to work endlessly with the teaching staff in assisting our children with the various home work and reading assignments, and we were asked to sign a parent partnership contract. We are held accountable as parents for the delivery on our promise to work with our children. The school has become deeply integrated into our homes and lives, as parents,” she stated.

In her address, Principal of the school, Michel Shah, called for greater responsibility from all sections of the community to ensure the success of children at school.

“Our Parenting partnership is vibrant and engaged. They bring extremely high expectations and back that up by working closely with us. They keep informed, involved and interested in the growth and development of both the children and the school, and we meet their interest with respect,” she said.

For his part, Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Garth Wilkinson, said teachers have a special role in the lives of children.

“I strongly believe that every child should have a caring adult in his or her life, and they do not have to be parents or family members,” he said.

By Garfield L. Angus, JIS Reporter

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