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The board of governors of 24 schools within the Ministry of Education and Youth regions four and five were recently recognized for outstanding work, by the National Council on Education (NCE).
At the School Management Awards Ceremony held at the Rose Hall Resort and Country Club, 15 school boards from region four, which comprises the parishes of St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland, and nine from region five, which entails St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Northern Clarendon, were given awards.
For best overall performance in the infant schools category in region four, the board of the Savanna-la-mar Infant School in Westmoreland copped the first place award, while Cambridge Infant in St. James placed second. In region five, only a first place was awarded in the infant school category, which was won by Bethabara Infant School.
The board of governors of Corinaldi Avenue Primary, Bickersteth Primary and Barracks Road Primary in St. James, took first, second and third places, respectively for best overall performance in the primary section in region four; while Devon All-age School, Bull Savannah Primary and Mile Gully Primary, took the respective places in the same category in region five.
Spot Valley High School, Green Island High and Irwin High placed first, second and third, respectively, in the high school category in region four, while Christiana High, Lacovia High and Mile Gully High, won the respective places in region five. Several other schools received special awards for outstanding school improvement plans; implementing special projects; adherence to regulations; and best overall performance.
Executive Director of NCE, Ruth Morris, said that a very transparent method was used to select the awardees. She noted that a grading instrument was developed, which was administered by the education officers in the respective regional offices. “We also asked them to use a qualitative approach in addition to the quantitative approach,” she informed.
Pointing out that similar award ceremonies have been held for schools in region one, which involves schools in Kingston and St. Andrew; region two, which comprises East St. Thomas, South East St. Mary and West Portland, Mrs. Morris, said that institutions in region three, which serves St. Ann, Trelawny and Western St. Mary; and region six, which serves St. Catherine and Clarendon, will be recognized in May 2008.
“The response has been very good and very encouraging, in the sense that school boards are now motivated to work harder with their schools. I guess it is because they are now noticed, and they are now being rewarded for the voluntary service they have been giving over the years,” she stated.
She expressed the hope that the recognition given will continue to be a motivating factor for the many volunteers in the education system.

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