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To commemorate 55 years of service in the country, the Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU), has organised a special brunch at Ridgemount United Church Hall in Mandeville on Saturday, November 8, beginning at 10 a.m.
“For the last 55 years we have been actively involved in ministering to youth and young adults in secondary and tertiary institutions in Jamaica. Our focus has been to disciple young people into a relationship with Jesus Christ, to train them in leadership skills and to encourage them to be responsible citizens in our nation,” Chairperson for the SCFSU Central Area Committee, Judith Johnson, told JIS News.
Miss Johnson noted that the results so far had been very positive, as many former SCFCU members have made their mark at the national level.
“We have produced stalwarts such as Dr. Alfred Sangster, Reverend Sam Vassel, and the late Justice Courtney Orr, all of whom have been outstanding citizens,” she said.
Miss Johnson pointed out that the road had not been an easy one, and in spite of having to operate against many odds, the SCFSU still remained true to its mandate.
“We continue to do what we do, knowing that in each life we transform lies the potential to transform many more,” she said.
She noted that the SCFSU was born out of a merger between the Scripture Union and the Inter School Christian Fellowship (ISCF) in 1980. Miss Johnson said that the first ISCF began operating in Jamaica in 1948, and currently there were over 260 ISCF groups at the secondary level.
At the tertiary level, the SCFSU exists in the form of the University and College Christian Fellowship (UCCF), and is present at 20 such institutions throughout Jamaica.
The motto of SCFSU is: ‘To know Christ and to make him known’.

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