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The St. Mary Parish Council will be beautifying the public sanitary convenience in Port Maria, as part of a general effort to instill civic pride and to improve the appearance of that town for the Christmas season.
Cherrie Chambers, Secretary/Manager of the St. Mary Parish Council, told JIS News that the initiative would be carried out in collaboration with a new thrust by the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to clean up the town and discourage the practice of urinating in public, by promoting the use of the public sanitary convenience.
Estimated to cost some $500,000, Miss Chambers said beautification of the facility would involve the complete refurbishing of the building and the landscaping of the grounds around it.
Miss Chambers said the work would include repairing of the roof, windows and plumbing system of the facility, with the aim of improving the aesthetics to make it more attractive in order to encourage greater use by members of the public.
She pointed out that a sign would also be prominently placed on the building for the benefit of the public.The Secretary/Manager said similar work would be carried out on public sanitary conveniences in other major towns in the parish, to encourage greater use of those facilities.
Commenting on other initiatives being embarked on in Port Maria by the St. Mary Parish Council for the yuletide season, Miss Chambers said the Council would be working closely with the police to designate special vending areas in the town to keep vendors off the streets and prevent congestion.

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