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Prime Minister Bruce Golding, says the Sangster International Airport (SIA), is increasingly an important hub linking North America and Europe with the Caribbean and Central America, but it has potential for much more.
“Jamaica has an advantage that we have not yet even begun to exploit. We are sitting in the centre of major air and shipping routes that link the old world with the new world. It’s part of the explanation for the success of the Port of Kingston in terms of its trans-shipment activity. But trans-shipment of marine cargo is only one aspect of the benefits of this strategic advantage that we have not yet started to exploit. There is air and traffic movement between the vast North American and European continents on the one hand and the South American continent on the other”, Mr. Golding said while addressing a group of civic leaders yesterday afternoon (Feb 18), at a ceremony at the Sangster International Airport (SIA), where King Juan Carlos I of Spain, unveiled a plaque commemorating the expansion of the airport’s facilities made possible in part by Spanish investment.
The Prime Minister said that during a recent meeting of Latin American heads in Brazil, which focussed on the vast resources and potential of the region, he invited the Latin American group to hold a meeting of senior Ministers in Jamaica later this year, to strategise and plan greater collaboration that will bring more opportunities to the region.
The SIA he said would be a critical element to that plan and he wants the operators, MBJ Airports Ltd, to position itself to exploit the location’s advantages.
The unveiling ceremony was one of the many activities shared by King Juan Carlos 1 and Queen Sofia on the second and final of their two day State visit to Jamaica. The royal couple, along with a team of Spanish investors, left the island last night for Florida.
Yesterday’s unveiling ceremony at the SIA was attended by Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Sir Kenneth Hall and Lady Hall, several Government Ministers, including Transport Minister Mike Henry and Montego Bay’s civic and community leaders.

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