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Auditors have concluded that the Sandals Whitehouse hotel “far surpasses, in terms of design, capacity and technology, what would normally be required by industry standards”.
The Forensic Audit into the US$41 million cost overrun, which was tabled in the House of Representatives on Tuesday (Sept. 5) indicated that in terms of rooms, central facilities, restaurants, swimming pools, back-of-house facilities and services offered, the Westmoreland hotel was either far superior or matched industry standards.
In terms of back-of-house and service offerings, the forensic auditor team concluded that the “layout of the kitchens in terms of the delivery and storage areas for food preparation, and their relationship to the restaurants, are extremely efficient and is much larger than what would normally have been provided”.
The audit team also commended the hotel’s acquisition of a SoMAT garbage disposal system. The SoMAT system is a premier brand, which has the capacity to reduce operational and maintenance costs, save floor space, as well as control solids inventory.
According to the report, “the audit team was advised that the size of the laundry and storage facilities is larger than normal due mainly to the remoteness of the property”.
In terms of rooms “and the amenities provided at Sandals Whitehouse”, as well as central facilities, the report stated that these were standard for a four-star hotel.
Furthermore, faculties such as a theatre, ballroom, departure lounge and conference facilities, are provided at the hotel.
Finally, on the matter of services, the audit report stated that, “the infrastructure at this hotel is superior to any other hotel that the members of the audit team visited during the course of this investigation”. The report outlines that the size of the air conditioning and standby generators far exceeded required industry standard.

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