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Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Karl Samuda, has pledged the government’s continued support in keeping consumers informed, so as to exercise greater intelligence in their purchasing decisions.
In his message to mark World Consumer Rights Day (WCRD) tomorrow (March 15) under the theme: ‘Be a Smart Consumer…Empower Yourself’, the minister said that the Ministry, through initiatives being implemented by the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) and the National Consumers League (NCL), has intensified efforts to safeguard and inform consumers of their rights.
“It is the role of my Ministry, and particularly the CAC, to ensure that while our consumers deal with these economic challenges, they receive a fair share in the marketplace,” Minister Samuda said.
He added that it was also imperative that when consumers fail to do so, the ministry is there to defend their rights and secure redress that is fair and just.
Mr. Samuda stated that the CAC has expanded its research activities, to include useful and pertinent information regarding availability and prices of basic food items.
“Our bi-weekly Consumer Alert publications of food and petrol prices are but an example of our efforts to educate consumers on the best prices across the country,” he said.
Endorsing this year’s theme, he pointed to the need for consumers to arm themselves with the knowledge to make informed choices that will provide optimum benefits, as the ministry continues to explore ways of bringing back stability to the marketplace and easing the burden they are facing.
An annual observance since 1983, World Consumer Rights Day offers an opportunity to focus on and solidify the national and international consumer movement. Special effort is undertaken to promote the basic rights of all consumers, and to demand that those rights are respected and protected. The day also presents an opportunity to highlight and protect marketplace abuses, which threaten to undermine consumer rights.

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