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Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister, Karl Samuda, has said that the Scientific Research Council (SRC) has the potential to enable Jamaica to earn its way out of its current fiscal difficulties and to confront the challenges faced in the global economy.
Speaking at the launch of the SRC’s Certification Mark, and ISO9001:2000 Certification accreditation, at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston on Tuesday (February 26), Mr. Samuda said the SRC was an organization “whose time has come,” noting that the work being undertaken by the Council would enable Jamaica to reposition its products, thereby taking advantage of the opportunities, which the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) offered.
“Jamaica is 100 per cent committed to the notion that it (EPA) opens a door of opportunity for this region, not just for Jamaica, but for CARICOM,” the Minister said. Describing the EPA as a positive development, he urged that it be regarded as an opportunity to “do things in an unconventional way, and to think ahead rather than to be stuck in the past.”
The EPA is an instrument of trade partnership required by the Conotou Agreement to replace the trade component of Lome IV. It is expected that it will help African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries, including Caribbean Forum (CARIFORUM) states, to reduce poverty and achieve economic growth through sustainable trade with Europe.
Mr. Samuda argued that Jamaica had the potential to create products that could be competitive on the world market, noting that through science and technology, the country could introduce innovative ways of undertaking activities and manufacturing products, which were consistent with world standards.
Describing the SRC as a “sleeping giant waiting to explode,” he pledged the Ministry’s support to provide the necessary funding to advance its work and contribution to Jamaica’s development.
“I can tell you that this view is shared by the Prime Minister in a very dynamic way; he is totally committed to the notion that we are as good as any nation in the world. And, I can assure that this administration is extremely committed to the processes that you (SRC) are engaged in, and will be giving you the fullest possible support,” Mr. Samuda said.
However, he underscored the need for multi-sectoral collaboration in order for Jamaica’s position to be advanced in the global dispensation.
“All sectors must collaborate. We must all share our respective experiences, our techniques, and our methods of doing things. And through collaboration with the government, private sector, and the scientific community, I know we can achieve great heights,” Mr. Samuda said.

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