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Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda is urging businesspeople in Canada to look to Jamaica, noting that the country has a lot to offer investors.
“Jamaica is a stable country willing to participate as a partner in business. We have basic infrastructure that meets international standards and we have a workforce that is among the best in the world – highly trainable and to a great extent already trained,” he said.
Minister Samuda was speaking to potential investors and persons already doing business in Jamaica, at a meeting on Friday (July 23) at the offices of the Consulate General of Jamaica in Toronto.

Minister of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Hon. Karl Samuda (centre), listens to a point from owner of Blue Mountain Flame, Jamaican-born Hal Campbell (left), following a meeting with business interests in Canada, held recently at the offices of the Jamaican Consulate General in Toronto. Sharing the moment at right is Chairman and President of Cement Jamaica, Armand Nahmiache.

He advised those interested in doing business in the island to get on board now, noting that the Government is willing to offer incentives similar to other destinations. “Now is the time for investors to look at Jamaica in a real way. Those who get in at this stage will be much better able to take advantage of the incentives we offer,” he pointed out.
Among the business interests present were owner of Blue Mountain Flame, which distributes Jablum Blue Mountain Coffee and Eaton’s chutneys and sauces, Jamaican-born Hal Campbell; Proprietor of Harlem Underground Restaurant, Anthony Mair, who is looking to produce a cooking show for The Food Network in partnership with operator of Lover’s Leap in St. Elizabeth, Michelle Miller; Chairman and President of Cement Jamaica, a subsidiary of Cemcorp Cement Canada, Armand Nahmiache; and Donald and Michael Samaroo of Sams International Foods.
Also in attendance were producer of the television programme ‘Caribbean’s Next Top Model’, Barbara Barde, who is hoping to shoot two episodes of the show in Jamaica; and President of First Chartered Business Development International Horace Gooden

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