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Industry, Investment and Commerce Minister, Hon. Karl Samuda, has called for more creativity in the manufacture of products that will give Jamaican Brand greater prominence in the global marketplace.
He also urged producers of such goods to ensure that they register their products to avoid piracy and earn maximum returns on their investments.
Mr. Samuda was speaking at the CoK Co-operative Credit Union Limited’s annual public forum titled: ‘Small Business and Entrepreneurship – The Way to Survive in a Recessionary Environment’, held on Tuesday (October 13) at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston.
Citing the example of the Chinese, he said that they incorporate the creativity of the populace in the manufacturing of goods for the greater benefit of the country.
“They recognise that the real profit, the real returns on that which is produced, does not lie in the manufacturing process alone…it lies in the creativity of the people so they must now design their own products. When they manufacture for Nike or someone else with the intellectual property, they (China) get only 12 per cent of the returns. So they now turn their attention to the creativity, the intellectual property that will give them the design, so that they will own the product and the brand, so that they will get maximum returns on their efforts,” the Minister outlined.
Mr. Samuda contended that Jamaica can “take a leaf out of that book,” emphasising that “no longer can we continue to feel that, because it is easy to make money through financial paper, that we can go along (thinking) it’s alright to do that kind of activity.”
“We must begin to appreciate the urgency with which we must apply ourselves, and start producing for the country in hard goods and services. Our producers have not had to really find it within themselves to compete effectively, because of the removal of real competition in the market place,” he stressed.
Mr. Samuda further urged manufacturers to take the necessary steps to register their products and ideas with the Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO) to protect themselves from falling victims to piracy.
“One of the things that we have come to realize is the value of brand, and there is hardly a brand that is as good as the Jamaican brand, and that has been made so in a dramatic way, by the great successes of our athletes (and) our musicians. There are other aspects to what makes Jamaica, not just simply the actual products that we produce, but the (country itself), that makes us different from the rest of the world.
“So, for those who produce products that can represent us overseas, I hasten to remind you that there are services available, through JIPO, (where) you can have the copyright laws applied, (and) you can have your products protected, so that you don’t (experience) the kind of intellectual piracy that is taking place generally,” Mr. Samuda said.

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