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    The Past Students Association of Sam Sharpe Teachers College in Granville, St. James, recently presented the college with three television sets, a DVD player, sporting equipment, and a variety of indoor games material valued at approximately $400,000.
    The association, with chapters in New York, Florida and locally, made a commitment to support the college some four years ago, as their way of giving back to the institution that has nurtured them over many years.
    In addition to the gifts, the association has launched a series of major community outreach and fund-raising activities, which will culminate with a grand re-union in July this year.
    Chairman of the association, Leo Gillings, told JIS News that the donation represented the development of a closer link between past students and the present student body.
    “Over the years, one of the things that I looked at is that when we give back, we normally give to the institution and we expect that whatever we give to the institution will trickle down to the students. This year we wanted to change that focus a bit and focus more on the students’ direct benefits. I think that will make a difference in their lives while they are here on campus. Anything that we can do to be life-changing and make their experiences a little less tedious and less of a hassle, we are here to do that for them,” he said.
    One of the highlights of the community outreach programme of activities scheduled to take place over the next six months, will be a medical mission at the Granville Health Clinic from July 21 to 25.
    Co-ordinator of the health mission, Carol Grant-Gordon, told JIS News that the idea is to enhance the health and wellness of hundreds of citizens from Granville and surrounding communities across St. James.
    “The association will be bringing down five physicians from the United States, along with two local physicians here in Jamaica. We will also be bringing down two dentists who will work with a local dentist and some nine nurses and two dental assistants. These people have all dedicated a whole week out of their private practice to come to Jamaica to offer their services to the people who are so in need in Granville and surrounding areas,” she said.
    “We will be offering health services, such as blood pressure checks, cholestoral screenings, pap smears, pregnancy tests, eye examinations, as well as extractions, fillings and cleaning to be done by the dentists,” Mrs. Grant-Gordon added.
    She said the health mission would not be doing one visit, but would be coming for the next five years, which would result in the Granville Health Clinic being adopted and modernized.
    Other activities for the outreach programme will include a fish fry, a super raffle, an educational camp, a roll call and bond fire, a gala banquet at Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort and a religious service and farewell brunch on the campus.

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