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The Salvation Army, one of the national relief agencies, will be intensifying its efforts in Cave Valley, St. Ann and Southfield in St. Elizabeth, areas devastated by Hurricane Ivan on September 10.
Major Denzil Walker of the Salvation Army said the office would be stepping up relief efforts and “getting more involved”.
“There will be continual assessments of the situations as we give out some more relief parcels,” he said at the weekly post-Hurricane Ivan press conference at the Ministry of Land and Environment on September 24.
To date, the Salvation Army has been providing food parcels to 4,500 persons, who have left shelters and, also to those who refused to go to shelters, but require help.
In addition, the organization has provided food parcels for basic schools, children’s homes and golden age homes, so that they could “get started again” after suffering a dent in their food supply attributable to the hurricane.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has verified over 40,000 households that reported damage sustained to homes and property.

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