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Minister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck, says tourism has contributed to an increase in the sale of marriage licences.

Speaking at the Ministry’s quarterly press briefing on October 11, the Minister noted that a total of 4,943 marriage licences were approved by the Ministry of Justice’s Criminal, Civil and Family Law Unit, for the first six months of the fiscal year.

Mr. Chuck said that the cost of a marriage licence is $4,000, which is equivalent to less than US$40.00, and he would be requesting that the fee be adjusted by the Ministry of Finance to reflect the global cost of a marriage licence.

A marriage licence authorises a Marriage Officer to conduct marriage ceremonies. In Florida, in the United States, the licence is priced at US$93.50, which is equivalent to J$12,582.00.

“We are earning, for the Government, a fair amount of money from marriage licences here at the Ministry of Justice, but the fee is too small,” he said.

The Minister highlighted that the sale of marriage licences can be ramped-up to generate more revenue for the country, and suggested that the Ministry of Tourism explore this lucrative opportunity.

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