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Tye Dixon Basic School in St. Catherine is to receive a face-lift this Labour Day, May 23, as staff members of the Rural Water Supply Limited (RWSL) have adopted the school for their project.

This was disclosed by Managing Director of RWSL, Audley Thompson, at the Heads of Agencies meeting of the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, on May 15.

The scope of work will include painting of the building, bushing of the yard, painting of the nearby water tank, and repairing all related water lines on the compound.

Preliminary work has already begun at the school by RWSL, with the aim of ensuring that all projected work will be completed on Labour Day.

“The main building of the school was not painted and some areas were not rendered; so that will be done [on Labour Day]. We’ll also be painting the tank there,” Mr. Thompson said.

The RWSL also plans to do additional work in the community that will enhance the work being done at the school. According to Mr. Thompson, some work will be executed on the pipeline infrastructure in the immediate vicinity.

“We are a water company, so we will be fixing up the entire pipeline in the community [including] all of the service connections and pipelines that were broken along the route,” he said.

Contact: O. Rodger Hutchinson

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