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The Rural Water Supply Limited (RWSL) is appealing for rural residents to take care of the infrastructure installed by the Government to provide them with access to potable water on a daily basis.

“In plenty of these areas, the cost of accessing this service is minimal or non-existent, so residents should take care of these systems because it is taxpayers’ hard-earned money which finances these projects,” said Managing Director, RWSL, Audley Thompson, in an interview with JIS News.

“Water is a precious commodity and the scarcity and sanitation of it is serious,” he added.

He noted that in keeping with the Water Sector Policy, the RWSL is tasked with ensuring that non-utility service areas have an adequate supply of water. The National Water Commission (NWC) has responsibility for utility service areas.

“We want to play our part in ensuring that every Jamaican, by 2030, has access to at least 50 litres of water within 500 metres of their homes,” Mr Thompson said.

“We’ve done studies all over Jamaica to find out where the water sources are and for areas with water sources, we provide piped water. However, for areas without a source, we use other modalities such as catchment tanks, rainwater harvesting and wayside tanks,” he pointed out.

He said that in designing the systems, the RWSL makes sure that there is at least 24 to 48 hours of storage in the event of a disruption to supply.

“Samples are taken monthly from catchment tanks by the Ministry of Health and Wellness to ensure that the water is safe for consumption, but citizens have a role to play in ensuring that they do not contaminate or destroy these water systems,” Mr Thompson noted.

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