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MANDEVILLE — New President of the Rotary Club of Mandeville, Kenneth Thaxter,  says the organisation will continue its effort to source state-of-the-art equipment for health facilities, particularly the Mandeville Regional Hospital, and educational institutions for children.

“We intend to continue improvements to educational and health facilities, particularly those for children. So, we are looking at equipping the children ward at the Mandeville Hospital with machines. Some effort will also be made in the area of sanitation at primary schools, and infrastructural work at basic schools,” he told JIS News, after his installation on June 30, at the Mandeville Hotel, in Manchester.

Mr. Thaxter said that part of the Rotary Club’s policy is to encourage support for healthcare facilities in the community.

“We are fortunate that the business community supports our projects, and I implore them to continue that support, because we have to be involved, so that the health facilities are equipped and maintained,” he said.

Over the years the Mandeville Regional Hospital has been a major beneficiary of the fund-raising events of the Rotary Club.

The President said that the club’s premier event, the Rotary Roast, held in November of each year, is geared at generating funds for their community outreach.

“This event enables us to purchase equipment for the health service. Every project to which we apply ourselves is done by people who are willing to do it… there is no payment for us, it is service above self,” Mr. Thaxter said.


By GARFIELD L. ANGUS, JIS Reporter                 

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