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The Rotary Club of Port Antonio is spending some US$15,000 to equip the science laboratories of three high schools in the parish of Portland.
The assistance is being provided in collaboration with the Rotary Club of North Naples in Florida, and the beneficiary institutions are Fair Prospect, Buff Bay and Titchfield High schools.
Fair Prospect is getting the bulk of the assistance, as the equipping of the school’s newly built science laboratory is the club’s major project for this year.
Vincent Holgate of the Rotary Club of Port Antonio told JIS News that the equipment being provided include audio visual aids, television sets, video cassette recorders, multi media projectors, computers, Bunsen burners, as well as other items necessary for the proper functioning of the science laboratories.
Mr. Holgate said that the club is proud to assist the schools, noting that the funds raised for the project were augmented by a contribution from Rotary International.
The principals of the three schools thanked the Rotary Club for the assistance, and gave the assurance that the equipment presented will enhance the ability of the schools to deliver quality education to the students.
Other projects being carried out by the club in the parish include the provision of scholarships to needy students, conducting eye clinics, and providing relief assistance to persons, who suffered losses as a result of Hurricane Dean.

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