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Convener of Hear the Children Cry, Betty-Ann Blaine, has urged members of the Rotaract Club of Mandeville, in Manchester, to make their voices heard on issues affecting the country.
Mrs. Blaine, who was giving the keynote address at the organisation’s 2010 installation ceremony in Mandeville, on July 24, implored members of the group to offer themselves for national leadership, and to champion and advocate for better communities. She also commended members for their outreach programmes in the various areas.
“Rotaract is a model for Jamaica, and I want to encourage Rotarians to offer that model in other areas of this country. When we fix the family, we will fix our country,” the children’s advocate told the young professionals.
“I believe there is hope for this country; I believe that we can turn this country around. Service clubs should be on the cutting edge of advocacy in this country, your voice should be heard, because you are making a solid contribution,” Mrs. Blaine argued.
In her presentation, newly installed President of the group, Keisha Chance, said that in 2004 she became a member of the organisation. “It is a group that I could emulate and strive for success in reaching and making a change in communities and the world. Since I have been a member of the Rotaract Club of Mandeville, with our dedicated members, we have proven that we can set a path for great achievements. I am dedicated to be a leader of strength and integrity,” Miss Chance said.
During the past year, the organisation partnered with other youth groups to encourage literacy in the student population, by staging a number of quiz competitions among youth clubs.
The members also partnered with the Rotary Club of Mandeville to equip a computer laboratory at the Hanbury Children’s Home in the parish, and spearheaded two major treats for more than 300 children during the 2009 Christmas season. Residents of the Hanbury Children’s Home were also the beneficiaries of a book project, receiving educational textbooks from the group, valued at over $22,000.
Rotaract is an international organisation that allows young adults to address the physical and social needs of their communities, while promoting understanding and peace through a framework of friendship and service.

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