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    A sum of $55 million has been allocated to fund improvement works on the Roselle main road and the twin fords at 11 Miles, Bull Bay in Western St. Thomas.
    Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister with special responsibility for Development, James Robertson told JIS News that the drawings are in place and tenders should be out in the next four weeks.
    The Roselle main road, a key access road to the main business and commercial centre of the parish, has been constantly threatened by sea surges, particularly during the hurricane season and has suffered from erosion.
    The fords are vulnerable to flooding, especially during the rainy season, and at times are impassable.
    Mr. Robertson said suggestions have been made to realign the Roselle main road further inland, but that and other suggestions would have to be assessed by the engineers.
    “Once those three areas, which are our major challenges, are addressed this year, there is no reason why we should not have access to Kingston within 40 minutes,” the Minister said.
    He added that coupled with the new bridge at the ford at Yallahs, driving time to the Airport would be reduced, and commercial activities in the parish would be enhanced.
    The improvement works would also support the proposed citing of the e-Services Group International at the old Goodyear tyre factory in the parish.

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