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The St. Ann Health Department will be conducting a comprehensive Rodent Control Programme, in several communities in St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann, due to rat infestation.
Public Health Inspector in charge of Vector Control Programmes in the parish, Mark Miller, told JIS News, that the programme would seek to complement the routine vector control services that are currently being carried out by the Vector Control Team.
“The programme is very important, as it collaborates with the different agencies and organisations, such as the St. Ann Parish Council and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), among other stakeholders, including the community. It will also address vector borne diseases, such as Leptospirosis,” Mr. Miller said, adding that the programme would continue until April.
Pointing to the theme of the programme, ‘Less Garbage, Less Harbourage, Less Rats: A Clean, Safe and Healthy Environment Equals a Healthy You’, Mr. Miller said that outreach meetings would be held in an effort to inform and educate the residents on the importance of rodent control. He also appealed to the residents in and around St. Ann’s Bay, to come out and grasp all that they could from the meetings.
Meanwhile, Health Educator at the St. Ann Health Department, Shauna Llewellyn-Gordon, told JIS News that the health education component of the Rodent Control Programme is geared at behaviour changes in the target population.
“Research has proven that simply telling people what to do is insufficient and thus the programme is a holistic one. We’ll be having workshops, educational meetings in schools and other community based organisations as well as community meetings,” Mrs. Llewellyn Gordon said, informing that the first community meeting would be held on March 12, at the St. Ann’s Bay Parish Library.
She pointed out that the programme should see a series of competitions being held. “We’ll be having a ‘Best Kept Street’ competition, which will seek to target specific roads, such as Wharf Street, Harbour Street, Jail Lane and Musgrave Street. We will also be having competitions in schools and these include a Quiz competition, Dub Poetry and Poster competition,” the Health Educator said.
She is encouraging residents in the various communities to become involved, especially in the ‘Best Kept Street’ competition.

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