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Some major roadways in Portland and St. Mary have been seriously impacted, as a result of the heavy rains which have lashed both parishes during the course of this week.

The National Works Agency (NWA) has reported than some roads in St. Mary have been blocked or reduced to single lane traffic, while roads in Portland have been  rendered impassable as a result of breakaways.

Speaking to JIS News, Senior Communications Officer at the NWA, Colin Morrison, said the affected roadways in St. Mary include those from Hamilton Mountain to Oracabessa, Pembroke Hall to Guys Hill, Gayle to Ocho Rios, Gayle to Windsor and Oracabessa to Port Maria.

He said sections of these roadways have been reduced to single lane as a consequence of washed out culverts, breakaways and inundation.

Turning to the corridors impacted in Portland, Mr. Morrison said the roadways from Balcarres to Wakefield and Cascade to Regale in the Buff Bay valley area of the parish have been made impassable, due to massive breakaways.

Pointing out that there are no alternative routes to the affected roadways in Portland, he said the NWA was working assiduously to clear the blocked roads to restore full access.

He noted that efforts were currently underway to assess the damage done to the corridors in order to determine the extent of repairs needed.

Mr. Morrison said the NWA would be working at full pace to  restore the damaged roads to their original condition as early as possible,  and appealed to persons traversing areas in both parishes, which are susceptible to landslides, flooding or fallen trees, to exercise extreme caution.



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