JIS News

The National Works Agency (NWA) has said it is working assiduously to restore access to roads in Portland, which have been blocked or damaged as a result of the heavy rains which lashed the parish on Friday (November 25).
Speaking to JIS News, Petra-Kene Williams, Acting Communications Manager at the NWA, said clearing activities were being carried out on the blocked roads to ensure that normality is restored on those thoroughfares as early as possible.
She noted that roads already cleared included those from Breastworks to Windsor, Alligator Church Bridge to Belleview, Seamans Valley to Mill Bank and Chips Hall to Durham Gap.
Miss Williams added that the NWA would also be intensifying its road repair programme in the parish very soon, to ensure that damaged roads and roads in need of resurfacing and patching receive attention.She revealed that work to repair a broken section of the Cascade main road would commence within a week, with the construction of retaining walls. She added that a contractor has already been selected for that project.
Turning to the Portland leg of the Northern Coastal Highway, Miss Williams said the contract for the implementation of that segment was signed on Tuesday, October 4, with groundbreaking scheduled for a date in December.
A number of roads in the Rio Grande Valley area were badly damaged or blocked by flooding, landslides and fallen trees.
In addition, sections of the roads in the communities of Friday and Seamans Valley have broken away, making it difficult for residents to gain access to other areas and preventing the flow of motor vehicles between the affected communities and other districts.
Nine families in the Moore Town area had to leave their homes as a result of flooding. The situation also necessitated the airlifting of food to the affected areas by Jamaica Defence Force helicopters.