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KINGSTON — Residents of Mona Heights and surrounding communities will soon benefit from improved road conditions.

Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Andrew, Hon. Dr. St. Aubyn Bartlett, informed residents at a community meeting on Wednesday (November 9) that  the Government has signed an $89 million contract with Valley Slurry Seal Caribbean Limited for the micro-surfacing of roads in the area.  

The works, which are expected to begin this weekend, should be completed within eight weeks.

Dr. Bartlett explained that in the first phase, the worst roads will be addressed, including: Aralia, Daisy, Gardenia, Violet, and Anthurium Drives, as well as Garden Boulevard.

Director of Valley Slurry Seal Caribbean, Earle Lewis, said micro-surfacing is a technology that is accepted world-wide.

He informed that the process involves the use of latex polymer emulsion, which “waterproofs” and seals the road surface, and can, therefore, keeps roads in good condition for many years.

In fact, he said, with Mona Heights being a low traffic community, residents can look forward to having good roads after micro-surfacing, for upwards of 15 years.

The forum, held at the community centre, was also addressed by Minister of Housing, Environment, Water, and Local Government, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, and officials from the National Water Commission (NWC), who provided information on water projects to benefit the area.


By Alphea Saunders, JIS Reporter

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