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The Road Safety Unit in the Ministry of Transport and Mining is utilising its YouTube channel to broadcast training videos to aid in promoting proper use of the roadways and vehicle safety, in a bid to curb indiscipline by motorists.

Director of the Unit, Kenute Hare, told JIS News that they have made “concerted efforts” to provide the public with information related to the transportation of goods as well as tyre safety and care.

The videos also highlight human and vehicular factors that can result in traffic accidents.

“People will learn, when they are buying vehicles, what to look for, what are the safety features that they should look for, and be able to make better decisions,” Mr. Hare said.

He emphasized that road crashes are “disastrous” to the society, noting that they incur costs averaging approximately $10 billion.

These, the Director pointed out, relate to: healthcare, insurance, and replacement of vehicles, as well as trauma to families.

Mr. Hare expressed the hope that, consequent on the videos utilised, “a new cadre of drivers who are much more empowered” will emerge.

“We encourage persons who are learning to drive, and driving instructors, to visit our site, [familiarise themselves with] the road safety [protocols] and share [them] with the students,” he stated.

Mr. Hare said he is confident that once the over 22 safety videos are watched in their entirety, the behaviour of indisciplined drivers, and the inappropriate manner in which certain persons believe they should operate on the road will be “totally different, because we addressed some very critical matters”.

The Road Safety Unit is responsible for promoting and fostering orderly and disciplined behaviour on the roads by motorists that is conducive to the development of a safe traffic environment.

This is facilitated through the conceptualisation, design and dissemination of a sustained public information programme.

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