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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding, yesterday (September 17), called on motorists and pedestrians to exercise greater care and concern for safety in using the roadways.
He said the Government is concerned about road risks, and that in addition to increased traffic monitoring by the police, other initiatives will include a new ticketing system by the Island Traffic Authority, more camera surveillance of roads and the use of portable weigh scales to check vehicles suspected of being overloaded.

Prime Minister the Hon. Bruce Golding and members of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) view the promotional material featuring Olympian Melaine Walker that was unveiled at the launch of the NRSC- Jamaica National Inter-Parish Safety Competition on September 17 at Jamaica House. The parish with the least number of fatalities by the end of the year will be rewarded by JN. From Left: Minister of National Security, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson; Vice Chairman NRSC, Dr Lucien Jones; President of JNBS, Earl Jarrett; Prime Minister Golding.

Speaking at the launch of the National Road Safety Council/Jamaica National Building Society (JN) Inter-parish Safety Competition, Mr. Golding urged everyone to take responsibility for themselves, and stressed that many serious mishaps would be avoided if road users conducted themselves in a different way.
“Good road use habits must not become dependent solely on enforcement. It cannot be the police that we rely on. If we were ever able to establish a culture of responsible road usage, just think of how many policemen could be redeployed to go and catch some criminals creating mayhem throughout the country,” the Prime Minister said.
The Inter-Parish Safety Competition is endorsed by Olympian athletes and World Champions, Melaine Walker and Usain Bolt. The parish that lowers or reduces the number of crashes and fatalities between now and the end of the year will receive a prize from JN. To date, more than 240 persons have been killed in traffic crashes, including 12 children.

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