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The Road Maintenance Fund last week approved $120 million for the patching and rehabilitation of some 100,000 square meters of roads, which were damaged due to the heavy rains associated with Hurricanes Wilma and Beta.
Since Hurricane Ivan last September, the Fund has given approval to road rehabilitation projects covering approximately 542,260 square meters of the road network island wide.
“After Hurricane Ivan, we had approved 50,000 square meters of road repair work, then we approved another 26,000 to 30,000 square meters worth of hot patching,” Clement Watson, Executive Director of the Road Maintenance Fund told JIS News.
“After the onslaught of Hurricanes Dennis and Emily, we approved another 180,000 square meters of road patching, and again, since the rains of the last few weeks, we have approved 100,000 square meters of road patching projects,” Mr. Watson said.
Of the total, approximately 300,000 square meters of road has been repaired.
Mr. Watson further told JIS News that, “we have approved funding of $285 million for emergency work associated with the floods and other natural disasters and in addition to that, there was another $210 million that was spent on routine maintenance.” The works include road patching, repainting, drain cleaning and restoring damaged or missing road furniture.
Although the Road Maintenance Fund Act (2002) stipulates that the Fund should only finance road maintenance projects on main roads, the Fund has assisted with repairs to parish council-managed and other minor roads in communities across the island.

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