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Two contracts, amounting to just over $264 million, have been approved by Cabinet, to undertake civil works in sections of St. Ann, and St. Catherine.
Transport and Works Minister, and Chairman of Cabinet’s Infrastructure Committee, Michael Henry, told journalists at last week’s post-Cabinet media briefing, held at Jamaica House, that Surrey Paving and Aggregate Company Limited, and Pavement and Structure Limited, have been awarded the contracts to effect the works.
Surrey Paving was selected for a $123 million contract, to undertake asphaltic concrete overlay works on 4.6 kilometres of main road along Fern Gully, from Colgate to Orange Hill, in St. Ann. This falls under Stage 1 of the Fern Gully Restoration and Rehabilitation Programme.
Pavement and Structure Limited has been awarded a contract, amounting to just over $141 million, to effect asphaltic concrete overlay works on 10 kilometres of the main road from Gutters to Freetown, in St. Catherine, under Package 1 of the Road Resurfacing Programme.
Meanwhile, Mr. Henry advised that a $231.8 million contract has been approved for Tankweld Limited, for the construction of the North Gully to Cornwall Courts sanitary sewers, in Montego Bay, St. James.

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