JIS News

River training to protect the banks leading to the newly constructed multi-million dollar Yallahs bridge in St. Thomas, has begun.
The river training works, expected to last for six months, will cover some 300 metres. The $400 million bridge is expected to be opened in October.
Communications Manager at the National Works Agency (NWA), Stephen Shaw, told JIS News that in the initial stage, heavy duty equipment is being used. “We have to ensure that the banks of the river can accommodate the gabion baskets that will provide the protection for the bridge, and to place the heavy stones will require heavy equipment,” he explained.
Gabion baskets consist of heavy stones of varying sizes encased in high strength non-corrosive wire placed in a matted format that create a barrier protecting the banks against the flowing water.
It is at that stage of the project that human labour will be utilized. “The baskets will have to be manufactured on site by hand and wild cane planted along the length of the bund and this will require the services of human labour,” he said.
Mr. Shaw disclosed that four contractors have been secured by the agency to carry out the protective works, including E.Phil and Sons, the contractors responsible for building the new bridge, under the Mabey and Johnson Bridge programme.