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The South-Eastern Regional Office of the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) has outgrown its current location at 4 Trevennion Park Road and will be relocated to Shops 26 and 27 Kingston Mall, Ocean Boulevard as of August 2.
Speaking with JIS News, Acting Deputy Chief Executive Officer at the RGD, Yvette Scott noted that the move forms part of the agency’s continued effort to improve service delivery to customers.
“This is actually our third relocation. We wanted to get somewhere that is more accessible,” she explained adding that customers who visited the South-Eastern regional office come from St. Thomas, Kingston, Portmore, and downtown, Kingston “The new location serves as a mid point for all these persons,” she noted.
The office at Kingston Mall occupies two shop spaces and will offer a more spacious and secure customer friendly environment for the more than 200 customers who apply and pay for services daily. It will also be adequately equipped to cater to those who are physically challenged.
“At all our previous locations we were on the first floor now we have a spacious location that is more accessible to the various persons who need our services,” the Acting Deputy CEO informed.
Continuing, Mrs. Scott pointed out that at the office, customers will still be able to apply for services such as birth, death and marriage certificates and record updating.
“We will be offering all our services downtown so persons can come in for their genealogical researches, their registry weddings as well as all our Island Record Office (IRO) services, for example, if they are purchasing a motor car and want to find out if there is a lien on it, they can come in and have that checked,” she told JIS News.
Based on the anticipated increase in the demand for its services at the new location, the RGD has also increased the number of customer service representatives.
“When we opened our Portmore Regional Office we thought that it would have pulled most of the crowed but, what we found out is that we had new customers in Portmore and we had an increase in the crowd at our Half-Way-Tree office as well. Now we are sure that we will be having more customers when we begin operations at the new office,” Mrs. Scott explained.
The opening hours for the new location will remain the same: from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays. Persons who wish to contact the office may call 906-4345, 906-4347, or fax 908-0172.

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