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Within the next two weeks, persons conducting business with the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) via the Internet, will be able to make payments online.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Registrar General, Dr. Patricia Holness, made this disclosure at the agency’s 10th annual prayer breakfast held yesterday (March 10) at its head office in Twickenham Park, St. Catherine.
The CEO pointed out that making payments online was a move that her organization, “was hoping for, for several years”.
“We are committed to continuously developing innovative ways to serve and satisfy our customers.when payments can be made online, it definitely means that we will be able to save (time) and channel (that time) into areas that need the specialized service,” she said.
She outlined that payments made using this new feature could only be done via credit card through a process, which she guaranteed was safe.
“It’s an arrangement with the National Commercial Bank (NCB) through the Ministry of Finance and Planning, who are the contractors with NCB…we have developed the backbone to run the system and our website will be adjusted to accommodate the new feature,” she explained.
Like any other electronic shopping experience, Dr. Holness pointed out that persons would be issued a receipt in the form of a tracking number as proof of payment.
Continuing, she assured that clients, both local and international, would benefit from this latest initiative, as the organisation would be more efficient and customers would be able to complete transactions from home or office in a timely manner. “Persons, who are computer literate, will be able to use their credit cards and make payments without having to go to a cashier,” she reiterated.
She explained that when the system became operational, overcrowding at the regional offices and head office would be reduced or eliminated.
The online payment facility is one of the new customer service improvement measures to be implemented by the RGD.

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