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The Registrar General’s Department (RGD), has operated at above 80 per cent efficiency, since it became an Executive Agency in 1999, according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Keeper of the Records, Dr. Patricia Holness.
“At the Registrar General’s Department, we are measured daily by our performance through our key performance indicators. We must achieve at least 80 per cent of key performance indicators, in order to receive our incentive benefits. Since becoming an Executive Agency in 1999, the RGD has performed above 80 per cent each year,” Dr. Holness said.
She was speaking at the Central Village Academic Awards Ceremony, at Lasco Corporate Headquarters in Central Village, St. Catherine, on Tuesday (September 30). The function was held to highlight and reward the academic achievements of young people in Central Village and surrounding communities in St. Catherine.
Dr. Holness’ address, entitled ‘Rewarding Excellence’, lauded members of the White Marl/Central Village Business District, for helping to highlight the achievement of the young people, and acting as a vehicle to propel them to accomplish higher goals. She urged the students never to give up in the face of challenges and criticisms, while recounting some unfair criticisms often laid at the feet of the RGD. The RGD is also a member of the White Marl/Central Village Business District.
“In the face of adversity, you can never give up, but you must work smarter to achieve your goals,” she advised the students in attendance.
While congratulating the recipients of prizes, for the work they had done, she reminded the society and those present that the success of the young people was the collective responsibility of all the parties involved, including the sponsors of the ceremony and awards.
“Your commitment to rewarding excellence among our young people, and encouraging them to extend their knowledge and skill to meet even greater challenges, augurs well for the future of this country,” Dr. Holness said.
This year, some 28 students from Central Village and surrounding communities received awards, including university students, and pupils who achieved academic success in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), and the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examination (CAPE). The students received assistance from the Lasco Group of Companies in the form of cash and grants.