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The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) has achieved a high success rate in its key performance indicators (KPI) for 2009/2010, according to Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Patricia Holness, speaking at a JIS Think Tank on Wednesday (March 31).
“The RGD has achieved 90 per cent success on all its key performance indicators,” Dr. Holness told the Think Tank.
She explained that executive agencies, like the RGD, are required to perform at a level always above 80 per cent. Since the change of the arrangement, via a circular from the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service, every office is required to achieve 100 per cent in 80 per cent of its cases.
She said the requirement has given the RGD a renewed opportunity to work even harder, to make sure that the new criteria are achieved. She recalled that the payment of performance-based incentives is based on the achievement of the new targets.
“The performance targets cover all aspects of the Agency’s operations, so we will have changed targets which will look at areas where we are implementing an activity which will create a new dimension for the office. We have a total of 90 KPIs,” she added.
The RGD celebrated 130 years of existence last year, while also commemorating 10 years as an executive agency. The Department funds its operations from revenue generated by its activities.

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