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Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Grace Allen-Young has lauded the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) for its contribution to the development of the vital statistics framework, through the provision of critical data.
Speaking at the agency’s annual prayer breakfast, held on March 10, the Permanent Secretary pointed out that, “the most significant (achievement of the RGD) from the Ministry’s standpoint was the acceptance of the RGD’s data as the backbone for the vital statistics framework. This attests to the accuracy and reliability of the data (presented by the RGD).”Mrs. Allen-Young also commended the staff for assisting in developing ways to help the organisation to better serve its customers.
“The RGD has earned a reputation for performance, utilising the talents of staff in developing systems that are used for its operations…The new information systems I’m told were developed in-house and the skits that we hear on ‘the RGD and You’ are also developed by the staff,” she noted.
The Permanent Secretary said the level of success the RGD was now enjoying resulted from the fact that the leadership “is home grown, anchored in Christ and indicates a level of dedication of a team that is professional, committed and results oriented”.
Mrs. Allen-Young said the staff should not be disturbed by complaints or criticisms, because “there is no system that is a hundred per cent perfect and there are some people who will never be satisfied”.
She suggested that “these criticisms be used as a stepping-stone to regroup, refocus and see how you can perfect some of your systems”.
This year’s prayer breakfast was celebrated under the theme: ‘Keeping God in the Mix for 2006’.

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