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The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) has completed registration proceedings for the 14 persons who died in the December 19, 2008 accident in the Rio Grande Valley, Portland.
The RGD has also completed similar proceedings for the seven girls who perished in the May 22, 2009 fire at the Armadale Juvenile Correctional Centre, St. Ann, according to Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Dr. Patricia Holness.
Speaking at a JIS Think Tank in Kingston on Thursday (January 21), Dr. Holness said that consequent on the completion of the registration exercise, relatives and family members can now apply for the death certificates of the individuals who perished in both incidents.
Dr. Holness explained that, while officers from the RGD’s Death Unit commenced proceedings into both incidents, almost immediately after they occurred, several factors delayed completion of the registration.
She described these factors as the “usual challenges”. They included liaising with police officers investigating the cases and securing their reports; securing the post mortem reports; and convening coroner’s inquests, all of which take time.
With these proceedings now completed, she said that applications for death certificates can now be made at the RGD’s offices in the Portland, St. Ann and Kingston, where the victims succumbed.
The RGD is also taking the necessary steps to assist families and relatives with the registration process.
“We are just saying (that) the registrations are done, you don’t have to, like many others, do the work of going to the police station, and coroners. The registration is done, so you can get (the death certificates),” Dr. Holness assured.
The RGD head also pointed out that the death unit, which comprises a team of employees headed by one main officer, is mandated to visit with families and relatives who have lost loved ones under violent or sudden circumstances, to assist them with registration of the deaths.

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