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The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) will be reintroducing its certificate delivery services in September.

The move is aligned with the Department’s focus on improving the ease of access of its services to the population.

Chief Executive Officer at the RGD, Charlton McFarlane said an online poll was conducted asking persons if they would be supportive of the RGD reintroducing the certificate delivery service.

“Across all platforms, Facebook Instagram and Twitter, the response has been over 90 percent, affirming that they would support it. Clearly, especially within the pandemic, if it is that the RGD can further reduce physical interaction that customers need to have with our offices, then we encourage that,” Mr. McFarlane said.

The RGD CEO who was speaking in an interview with JIS News recently, said last year the Department doubled its online service offerings.

“This means persons would only need to stay at home and apply, then come in and collect. Now we are looking to reintroduce our delivery services so persons who conduct business with us online, would be able to go through an entire process without ever having to set foot in one of our locations. For those persons who come in physically to apply, once those processes are complete and they opt for the delivery service, then we send the certificate to where they would have instructed us to send it,” Mr. McFarlane explained.

“At the moment, we can see the need for it now and I believe as an Agency we need to be very responsive; not because a system had some level of challenge in the past, doesn’t mean it can’t work in the present and also going forward in the future. What is important is that we understand what the challenges were, and we put things in place to alleviate these challenges as we try to maximise convenience for our customers,” he said.

The service will be implemented before the end of September and will attract an additional fee.

“It would not be a free service because the RGD will be engaging third party service providers. Customers will be required to pay a fee for the additional convenience of having it delivered to their doorsteps. What I can say is that we will negotiate with service providers to ensure the fees are tolerable,” Mr. McFarlane expressed.

For the start of delivery operations, the service will not be introduced island wide. Instead, the Department is slated to begin with their busier locations and more populated areas.

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