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A high level delegation, headed by the Chief Executive Officers of the Registrar General's Department (RGD) and the National Housing Trust (NHT), will spend 10 days in the United Kingdom (UK), meeting with members of the Jamaican community and addressing some of their concerns.

Both agencies will undertake a seven-city Regional Tour, organised by the Jamaican Diaspora UK, as a spin-off community initiative from the Diaspora national conference held in June.

The tour will feature ‘one on one’ appointments as well as local community meetings, where both agencies will present service updates and offer guidance on a range of issues, such as: making applications for birth, marriage and death certificates; new and existing voluntary NHT contributions, tax compliance certification, changes to Jamaican housing loan policies and the NHT land titling project.

Representatives from the Jamaican High Commission in London will also be a part of the tour, along with local Jamaican community groups and organisations.

The tour begins on Wednesday, October 3, with the first appointments and community meeting in Birmingham. From there the groups move on to Sheffield – October 4; Leeds – October 5; Nottingham – October 6; Luton – October 8; London – October 9; and Bristol – October 10.

Chairman of the Jamaican Diaspora UK, Bentley Cunningham, said the tour is about responding to the needs of the Jamaican community.

"The tour will build on the work of the national conference by engaging the community at a regional level and facilitate discussions on key areas of concern, such as access to Jamaican public service organisations from the UK," Mr. Cunningham said.

“Two of the issues which emerged (from the conference) were: accessing important documents from the Registrar General's Department, and the problem of Jamaicans who, prior to their migration to the UK, had paid compulsory contributions to the National Housing Trust and want to know if they could resume doing so from abroad. What we are seeking, is to improve and increase the service of both agencies to Jamaicans here in the UK," he added.