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Minister of Health and Environment, Rudyard Spencer, has said that the continued revision and evaluation of the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) will ensure that the highest quality of care and services are provided to patients.
Making his contribution to the 2008/09 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives on June 3, Mr. Spencer said that “the new dispensation will place importance on ensuring that service level operations are informed by epidemiological trends and contexts”.
The Government, through the Ministry of Health and Environment, commissioned a review of the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) to, among other things, review and evaluate: the policies governing the RHAs; the organization of the Authorities with special regard to the structures, functions, manpower, supplies and financing of the related entities; their capabilities in planning, managing and implementing programmes and projects; their financial and technical efficiencies; and the relationship of the RHAs to each other, the Ministry of Health and Environment and to the agencies and departments that fall under the Ministry.
“Based on the findings and recommendations of the task force, some changes are likely relating to autonomy and the accountability framework governing the operations of these regions, their structures, some reporting relationships and roles and functions,” he said.
Additionally, some functions are also likely to be reverted to the Ministry’s head office to achieve economy of scale and efficiency.
Minister Spencer noted further that the Ministry would streamline its roles and functions and would strengthen its monitoring and evaluating capacity. He advised that “some of this work is already being undertaken under the change management and transformation process.”
RHAs were established under the National Health Services Act of 1997 to improve efficiency and accountability in the use of resources and to facilitate more timely decision making.
The four regions, the South East, Southern, North Eastern and Western Regional Health Authorities, operate under Service Level Agreements that are signed with the Ministry and which stipulate certain performance criteria.

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