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Minister of National Security, Dr. Peter Phillips has urged retired police officers to become involved in programmes in which they can transmit their knowledge to persons who are entering the force.
“As we re-organize the training efforts out at Twickenham Park in the police academy, and in the officer training that is being strengthened, there is opportunity for you to transmit your valuable knowledge to those who are now entering into the ranks of service, that you have passed through before,” Dr. Phillips said.
He was speaking at the Police Officers’ Association and the Police Cooperative Credit Union’s special luncheon for retired gazetted police officers on Thursday (May 31) at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston.
The National Security Minister pointed out that despite the challenges that the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) faces in fighting organised crime, surveys have indicated that Jamaicans hold police officers in high esteem and called on the retired officers to assist the younger ones to sustain this respect.
“Through your efforts, the JCF has been able to sustain a very good reputation and the respect of the Jamaican people. Indeed, we have to look to you to help sustain that reputation and indeed help sustain the quality of the JCF,” he noted.
Dr. Phillips further encouraged the retired officers to pass on the values that they have acquired from the police force, to younger members of the society, especially young men. “In community life generally, the values that you have acquired can be of tremendous benefit, particularly to young males, who are in great need of the kinds of values and attitudes of national service, of integrity, of hard work, of thrift and dedication and love of country, which so many of you exemplify,” he stated.
He also commended the Police Officers’ Association and the Police Cooperative Credit Union for hosting the luncheon in honour of retired gazetted officers, noting that the contribution that they have made to their country should always be celebrated.

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