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One of Westmoreland's most popular local heroes is retired Inspector of Police, Goshmore "Inspector Mally" Malcolm.

The Inspector, who has had an illustrious career as a member of the Island Special Constabulary Force (ISCF), has the record as the longest serving member of the force in the parish, having served the ISCF for 39 years and six months prior to his retirement.

Since then, he has been showered with accolades and awards at the parish and national level, including being honoured at last October’s National Heroes’ Day Salute at Norman Square in Savanna-La-Mar.

Popularly known ,by both young and older residents of the parish as 'Inspector Mally', Mr. Malcolm was born in the Williamsfield area, where he grew up, receiving his formal education at the local all-age school.

As a student, he was regarded as quick witted, polite and was ranked as an ‘A’ student in mathematics. He was also way ahead of his fellow classmates in terms of discipline and deportment.

Inspector Malcolm was inspired to become a policeman by then Commanding Officer for the parish, Horace Hyatt, who worked in his community and whom he had chosen as his role model, from an early age.

"I was fascinated by this tall gentleman in uniform, especially when he was on parades. He was always smartly dressed, and his whole performance during the parade captivated me so much that I couldn’t wait to come of age so I could join the force," he explained.

He told JIS News that he saw Mr. Hyatt as a man of worth and discipline, “and I wanted very much to be like him”.

So it was no surprise to all who knew him, when in July 1970, at about age 20, Mr. Malcolm enlisted as a member of the ISCF.  In the ensuing years, this young, enthusiastic and energetic recruit would evolve into a model policeman, known across the parish as a disciplined, no-nonsense law enforcer, whose fame quickly spread throughout western Jamaica.

He was promoted to Corporal of Police on June I, 1976. On February 1, 1988, he was promoted to Sergeant and, on March 3, 2005, he became an Inspector of Police.

Inspector Malcolm often engaged in in-service training programmes, including: a one-week Inspector’s Development Course, at the In-service Training School at Harmon Barracks in August 2000; in February 2003, successfully completing a two-week course in the Enforcement of Agricultural and Environment Laws and Regulations; and, in August 2005, attending the Jamaica Constabulary Staff College, where he successfully completed the course in High Impact Security Leadership.

Inspector Malcolm has received several awards and prizes including: a medal for good conduct and efficient service in 1986; long and dedicated service to the ISCF, in May 2006; outstanding service to the ISCF, in September 2010; and, in October 2011, for dedicated service to the Special Constabulary Force Association (SCFA).

While serving in the ISCF, Inspector Malcolm was a source of motivation and inspiration to his juniors. May 1 to July 15, 2009, he acted as Commander of the ISCF, Westmoreland, and under his leadership the division recorded the highest level of performance ever for ‘J’ Company.

During his over 39-year of service, he had the outstanding record of never having any discipline or court action taken against him. He has a passion for discipline and, whenever the opportunity arises, counsels and encourages young men to obey their parents and teachers.

"I have always tried to speak with young men, and inspire them to be good citizens and to move away from all wrongdoing, striving always to be law-abiding and peaceful citizens,” he said.

"I believe that the Police Force offers young people one of the best careers ever. It is a disciplined organization, which allows you to move with Kings and Queens and, once you apply yourself to the job, you will be rewarded with promotion," he added.

“I have never seen the Police Force as very dangerous, because I always felt that there are other jobs that attract equal dangers to workers, All I have to say is that one must exercise an abundance of caution and be always alert," he says to those who might be scared of joining for fear of criminals and gunmen.

"The Force is a disciplined organization, and it can move persons from the bottom to the top, once you are disciplined, hard-working and learn to apply yourself,” Inspector Malcolm told JIS News.