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Retired Custos of St. James, Clarence Nelson, was honoured on July 1, by the St. James 4-H Clubs Advisory Committee for over 13 years of dedicated and meritorious services rendered to the organisation during his tenure as patron.
In a ceremony, held at the Custos’ home in Anchovy, St. James, Mr. Nelson was showered with accolades by executive members of the movement, followed by the presentation of a plaque.
Chairman of the St. James 4-H Advisory Council, Bryan Miller told JIS News that his group saw it fit to honour and laud the retired Custos for his years of commitment and guidance to the programmes and objectives of the movement.

Members of the St. James 4-H Advisory Council with former Custos of St. James, Clarence Nelson (seated), during an appreciation ceremony at his home in Anchovy, on July 1, where he was awarded for his over 13 years of dedication and commitment as patron for the movement. From left are: Winston Ritchie, Paul Hastings, Ivel McLean, Dorreth Russell, Fiona Banton, Enel Brydson, Bryan Miller, Chairman of the St. James 4-H Advisory Council, and Francis Jackson.

“The presentation to Mr. Nelson is in recognition of the service and commitment that the former Custos had shown to the 4-H movement in St. James over the years. As Chief Patron of the movement, he was always present at our functions and was always willing and ready to give advice and support. Custos Nelson was not able to attend our recent awards ceremony, due to illness, so it was our pleasure to have taken it to his home,” Mr. Miller said.
Vice Chairman of the movement, Winston Ritchie, said that the group “is extremely proud” to have been able to offer an award to the former Custos, as he “epitomized what a patron ought to be.”
“Mr. Nelson is kind and enthusiastic and sells the organisation on every occasion. He is very knowledgeable about the organisation and he brings a new perspective each time he speaks and I think the St. James 4-H movement has been blessed to have had such a patron,” Mr. Ritchie told JIS News.
In his acceptance remarks, the retired Custos said that he was “deeply grateful” for the award presented to him by the St. James 4-H Advisory Council.
“Thanks very much for this award. I never expected this. This is truly a pleasant surprise and I hope that each time I look at it, I will remember my active days with the movement. It is vital for the future of this country to have the 4-H clubs playing a major role in the grooming and training of our young people,” Mr. Nelson said.

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