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Prime Minister Bruce Golding recently led members of staff of the Office of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Office, in hailing retiring Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Carlton Davis, for the exemplary way in which he served as head of the Civil Service. Dr. Davis retired on May 31st after forty years of service to the public sector.
In addressing the informal farewell function which was held at Jamaica House, Mr. Golding, jokingly stated that based on his knowledge and experience, retirement could be hazardous to Dr. Davis’ health and that there were many areas in which his services would still be required.
In his response, Dr. Davis said he felt an obligation to give back to the people of Jamaica who paid for his education from primary school to the tertiary level, including his studies abroad. He said the civil service was a rough calling but one which all public servants had a responsibility to live up to. Dr Davis said government workers should give their professional opinion at all times, in service to their country. He thanked everyone who worked with him over the years, especially the time spent as Cabinet Secretary.
During his years of service in the public sector, Dr. Davis has served four Prime Ministers including Edward Seaga, P.J. Patterson, Portia Simpson Miller and Bruce Golding. Staff members hailed him for his innovations in the public service particularly the public sector modernization programme. Dr Davis was also recognized for allowing public servants space within which to make their contribution as they develop their maturity and professionalism.

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