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Prime Minister, the Hon. Bruce Golding says he is aware that his efforts to restructure the public sector will encounter friction and resistance, as there are some entrenched empires that are going to resist fiercely.
“There is a culture that is deep rooted.that is not going to be voluntarily transformed… it will have to be confronted and attacked with a determination that requires the authority of the leadership of the country,” the Prime Minister said. Mr. Golding was addressing members of the Jamaica Exporters Association, at their luncheon, yesterday (October 8), at the Knutsford Court Hotel, in Kingston. The Prime Minister has been meeting with a number of groups on the Matter, and disclosed that a Cabinet sub-committee, which he will chair, has been formed. He said a Unit will be established at the Office of the Prime Minister that will be structured on the basis of a public/private sector partnership, as it is important in undertaking this exercise, to bring a private sector perspective.
“The reason it is so important is that the government has a luxury that the private sector does not have. When we don’t have money in the bank we still draw the cheque and it is honoured. When a private sector operator is running a business that is badly structured…that is not efficient… that may be top heavy, if he doesn’t deal with that, his cheques will bounce.and he may go bankrupt and they don’t like going bankrupt, so they do what needs to be done,” Mr. Golding said.

Prime Minister Bruce Golding having a quick word with President of the Jamaica Exporters association, Michael Lumsden as he arrives at the Knutsford Court Hotel for the JEA’s members’ luncheon yesterday. PM Golding reiterated government’s commitment to restructuring the public sector to be definitive in what it is about and efficient in what it does. Mr. Golding will Chair the restructuring committee established to realize these objectives.

“I want to bring a private sector element to say … we want you to work with us and bring your approach and guide us… Let us have the benefit of your experience… so we can make sure we get it right,” the Prime Minister added.
Mr. Golding noted that in the exercise of restructuring the public sector, his government cannot afford to make any mistakes.
“This is not a trial and error business and the last thing you want is to go and dismantle what exists and to put something in its place that is even more inept and even more inefficient. And, because I can’t afford to make a mistake, you want to bring the best brains on board,” he said.
Mr. Golding said he would be spending the next six months clearly determining how to carry out this restructuring procedure, because there will be no room for error.

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