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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) has been advised by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo.) that it is committed to restoring electricity to most of its customers by the end of the week. Phased restoration has commenced, starting with essential services such as hospitals, airports etc.
Areas likely to receive power supply today, August 21 are:
1. Kingston & St. Andrew: West Kings House Road, New Kingston, essential services and customers within close vicinity of Children’s hospital, National Chest Hospital, University Hospital.
2. St. James: Rose Hall, Coral Gardens, Ironshore, Whitehouse, Flankers, Lilliput.
3. Hanover: Negril and surrounding areas
4. Trelawny: Falmouth, Duncans and surrounding areas
As damage assessment continues, the JPSCo. will be better able to give an indication of full restoration.
Meanwhile, the ODPEM urges the public:
1. Do not touch loose, dangling or fallen power lines or try to move it yourself. You could be electrocuted if the line is still energized. Report these immediately to the JPSCo. or contact the police.
2. Do not burn debris under power lines.
3. If using a portable generator, plug appliances directly into the generator. Use extension cords where necessary. Place the portable generator outside the house so the generator gets proper ventilation. Always turn off the generator when refueling.
Members of the public are also urged to desist from any activities that may hinder the work of the JPSCo. in restoring the country’s power supply.

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