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Resource rooms, equipped with technology to enhance the literacy and numeracy skills of students, will be established in some 12 primary schools across the island.
Digicel Foundation is undertaking the project in collaboration with the Education Transformation Team of the Ministry of Education, and already, at least one resource room has been established at the Duckenfield Primary School in Hampton Court, St. Thomas.
Executive Director of Digicel Foundation, Major General Robert Neish, speaking at the official handing over of the Duckenfield Primary School facility on January 23, said that the resource room programme has shown good results in terms of the “improvement in reading and the betterment of students and the wider community.”
“We certainly look forward to this wider programme and working with the Ministry of Education, because we in the Digicel Foundation and also with Digicel itself, are really convinced that this is going to be good for education. It’s going to be good for communities,” he stated.
The resource room, valued at some $3 million, is equipped with 10 computers, a laptop, printer, television set, CD player, DVD player, a multi-media projector, interactive white board system, and a recording system. Phonics and mathematics kits have also been provided to improve the numeracy and literacy skills of the students. Air conditioning units and furniture for teachers and students are also contained.
Major General Neish has indicated that the other facilities to be established will be similarly equipped.
Bringing greetings at the handing over ceremony, Member of Parliament for Eastern St. Thomas, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, said the establishment of the resource room at the school would ensure quality education for the students.
“I firmly believe that it is education and training that is going to be that force that will move us out of poverty and move us into prosperity,” he stated, which commending the “progressive policy” being demonstrated by Digicel and the Digicel Foundation.

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